Glasgow wedding band Northern Star play the Brig O Doon.

Brig o’ Doon

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Ayrshire weddings at the Brig o’ Doon

brig o doon


For some reason compared to other areas of the Scottish countryside, Ayrshire has a huge amount of top class wedding venues. Perhaps it’s the counties close proximity to Glasgow, the sheer lowland beauty or the area’s historic connections with golf. Compared to Dumfries, Perthshire etc. we play more weddings in Ayshire than all of them combined.

Today I’d like to review a venue that’s been doing things right for years and continues to be one of the most popular venues we regularly play – The Stunning Brig o’ Doon.

Located in the picturesque village of Alloway, which is the birthplace of Rabbie Burns and is also the setting for his most famous work, “Tam o Shanter”The venue has been privately owned by the Costly family since 1998 and the building itself has been a village inn since 1827. I personally like playing in venues owned and operated by smaller hotel groups, as I think part of any venue’s charm is the character imparted by the owners vision, not to say the big Hilton’s and Marriott’s don’t have their benefits, but for weddings I prefer the smaller countryside places.

Well, where do we start? I have to say the meticulous and simply stunning grounds are worth the fees alone, sitting slightly above the babbling river Doon the main gardens are so well maintained and pretty that the only other place I can think of that comes close is perhaps the Gleneagles. I played a wedding during the 2010 apocalyptic winter and even draped in snow the grounds will be like cat nip to your photographers.

Moving inside the hotel, the main room is an impressive and imposing space that drips with that Scottish baronial style that so may places miss, you can imagine Robert the Bruce holding a feast here with his mates after some bloody battle! I never ever have a problem getting a full floor for ceilidh in this room, even if it’s not a ceilidh audience the atmosphere and vibe puts everyone in the mood. While the room is not huge, it’s perfect for most wedding parties, and there’s an open balcony looking out to the gardens and the river where your guests can get a breath of air during summer weddings.  In the last few years the venue has built a small but adequate stage area for the band to perform on, in years past we’d play on the floor, which is never ideal with the dance floor being wider rather than deep. It’s nice having the tables situated to the side as people can still converse and hear the music.

One of the highlights of the main room is the sweeping staircase entrance. I remember around 2009 we played the intro to Ocean Colour Scene’s “Riverboat Song” as the Bride and Groom descended the stairs.. EPIC! But it’s way better than having our dear customers hiding behind a fire escape until announced! Again, photographers cat nip! (we do love em, honest!).

brig stairs

Upstairs there is a super cosy reception area which leads to an even cosier bar that older guests will love to chill in after a long day attending a wedding.

Wrapping this up, I have to say it’s one of our favourites, and if you’re down Ayrshire way and looking for a first class venue with a great personal touch, check these fine folks out.

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