Ok, you’ve seen enough, you know we’re the awesome wedding band you want to book! – First fill out either the contact form below, or one of the quick enquiry forms and our Eve (she’s a real person) will email you back usually within 2 hours if it’s during the week. (or call her direct on 01501 749797)

Put in where your having your wedding, the date, and any other weird stuff that you need to tell us about and we’ll zoom you back a fee and if we’re available. We usually take a small deposit, and can sometimes hold dates for a few days if you want to come and see us play first.

Once you’ve booked us, we’ll issue a contract and the date is yours! Hurrrah! About 6-8 weeks before your event we will need your first dance request and any other additional weird stuff we might need to know about.

You will always have a phone number and an email for Eve, and if she’s off, one of the band members will be available. You can also come and see us as many times as you like prior to your wedding, we want you to be 100% happy.

Thanks so much for reading our little web site and getting this far, and we hope to see you soon!