Edinburgh wedding band play the Balmoral Hotel.

Bring the Bling

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Add that “big show” feel to your wedding


We’ve recently purchased an amazing LED matrix cloth as an optional “extra” when you’re booking the band. We first saw this product by chance at a lighting showroom, and while they’re very rare in the UK, we had to hire one to see how it performed live, and the results were unbelievable. It really adds another dimension to the bands performance. We can even program custom messages and graphics (once I get my head round the software!).

Here’s a video of it in action sans-band (apologies for the cheesy music, it’s the manufacturers demo!, works equally as well with good rockin’ tunes!)

We’re also adding in the coming weeks a FULL LED dancfloor… Not a twinkly light one, but full LED! These products are brand new, and I’d be confident we’re the only band in the UK to own one.. We can program all sorts to display through the evening, and the system is modular so we can build a tiny floor for small venues and a larger one for bigger rooms  :

Again, sorry for the cheesy music… We’ll shoot our own video in the coming weeks…


If you’d like to know more or book the band with the LED cloth just drop us a message… We might even do a little give-away for anyone that shares this post!

Till next time.

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