Glenskirlie House

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Northern Star Wedding Band Review of Glenskirlie House

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Hello dear readers, and firstly I apologise for being a bit quiet on the review front. The band has been running up and down the country playing all shapes and sizes of venues and I’m going through them one by one, In between learning new tunes, first dances, and looking for a way to exterminate midges from marquee weddings!!

Anyway, I’ve avoided reviewing this venue as I really don’t want to appear “gushing” but damn it! When we see this place on our monthly schedule I can’t but help but do a wee jig. I’ve been performing here for nearly 12 years and NEVER had a bad night, it’s one of those places I go knowing that everything will be perfect, the bride and groom will be happy, we will be able to start on time and we will have a great time working with the staff.

Unlike many venues in the area, Glenskirlie is a privately owned, family run venue which started out as a small country style house and has expanded to include a purpose built fairy-tail castle within the grounds. This may sound a bit American, and I can imagine that many folks would think “TACKY” but let me tell you, there is nothing remotely tacky about anything to do with this venue. I’ll get to the castle in a second..

The house is where I have more experience, and like I’ve said in previous posts, unless you’ve got a massive wedding party (300+) give yourselves just enough space and no more.  No-one likes sitting in a barn, and we certainly don’t enjoy playing them, but Glenskirlie house has “just enough” for 99% of the weddings we usually perform. The house has a lovely tasteful and cosy feel from the entrance right through to the bar area and the ballroom, you instantly feel at home and relaxed, and I’ve played enough UBER-STYLED type venues to know that this is a huge point in selecting a venue. The dining room has a normal wooden dance floor, and the band setup with the audience flanked equally to the sides. If I have any criticism, we are a bit cramped as a larger band, but it’s never a big problem. As the band has excellent access we can usually make up time if things are running late, and the excellent access also means we’re completely relaxed by the time we start.

Here’s a typical Facebook conversation between myself and another musician in a competing band : (yea, we all talk to each other!)

Me: Where’re are you lot tonight?
Muso : Doing (insert venue)… What about you?
Me: Glenskirlie … (MEGA LOLZ)
Muso : Lucky (expletive)
Me: MEGA LOLZ…. (I like the phrase mega lolz as it embarrasses my 15 year old son when I say it out loud!)

So, what makes this venue so appealing? Well, apart from all the above stuff they have a secret… And it’s BBQ! Yes, summer weddings at Glenskirlie have a BBQ buffet! Now, I don’t mean some burned burgers, I mean a good BBQ… Did I say that loud enough, you can have a BBQ buffet!  And it’s by a million miles the best break time nosh in the UK. (Remember dear readers, I’ve played over 1000 venues). You get a faint whiff of it around 9:00pm, that lovely scent lightly wafts in from the back courtyard.. I mean c’mon? BBQ.. Beats sausage rolls and 8 hour old sandwiches. On a serious note, the family that run Glenskirlie also run a restaurant operation next to the house, and it shows in the standard of food served. As many know who read my blog, I was a chef and grew up in a family that run restaurants and a commercial bakery, so I’m extremely critical of what I eat, and though I’ve obviously not tasted the main wedding food, if the standard of buffet is anything to go by, I’m positive it’s exceptional.

Before I’d mentioned the Castle which sits overlooking the house, and I’ve actually only played there twice. It’s a slightly smaller room, but the impressive foyer with an open fire is modern but really classy. The ballroom itself is definitely better for smaller gatherings, but again its still a top 10 in my eyes. If you can’t get the house on your date, you won’t be disappointed with the castle.

To conclude, we played here about 3 weeks ago and unusually my wife of 10 years was with me to help call the ceilidh and on the way home, she said that should we decide to re-new our vows, or she kicks me (her bum of a musician husband) into touch! she’d want to hold her wedding there. Now, my dear wife hasn’t been to nearly as many venues as I have, but you know what? I think I agree.

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