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Scottish Wedding Suppliers

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Our Favourite Scottish Wedding Suppliers

Northern star wedding band scotland

northern star at the caves in Edinburgh


I’m sitting here on a Monday morning at 8:00am after another weekend of performing and I’d like to talk about the other people and companies that make up the Scottish wedding business. Well, the ones that we deal with from 7pm onwards..

If you do my job long enough you quickly get to know all the venues, photographers, caterers etc.. and you also quickly get a feel of the better ones out there. The suppliers that do that little extra to make a wedding really special. I always like to think that Northern Star sits in that category, and nothing makes me more “soapboxy” than seeing bad service at a wedding reception.

Firstly, let’s talk venues. I’ve been in pretty much every venue in Scotland, from the Highlands to the Borders. Some of them we visit multiple times a year, and it still amazes me the couples will have their weddings on mid-week days to secure “popular” venues rather than look for some of the hidden jewels that Scotland has to offer. There are some great, highly sought after places that deserve the huge business they generate, but we all know who they are. I’d like to list a couple of “gems” that maybe don’t get the recognition they deserve.

1. – Don’t freak! It’s not as expensive as you’d think compared with some of the places nearer Edinburgh and Glasgow. The 2 main ballrooms are excellent, and particularly for Autumn/Winter weddings, local accommodation can be quite reasonable. But, forgetting the golf, you’ve got a lovely beach, excellent local shops for travelling guests and it’s only an hour away from Edinburgh.

2. Situated near Dunbar, Broxmouth park is a super posh, luxury exclusive use venue. The grounds are stunning, and the weddings are held in a purpose built marquee. We’ve always enjoyed playing here as the lovely setting puts everyone in a great mood for the reception!

3. – Ok, this place isn’t cheap! BUT! If you want somewhere that goes that little further, this venue situated just outside Edinburgh is ideal. A 10min drive from the Airport, and 2 min from the Dakota hotel, Dundas has some of the best grounds and one of the most attentive wedding teams we’ve ever met.

4. – My personal favourite venue to actually play. I don’t know why, but there’s something about this wee venue located 10min outside Glasgow that always means there’s a great vibe in the room. Because the room is quite compact, we’re always very close to the audience, which is a unique feeling but means we can really interact.

5. In my opinion, the absolute number one Ayrshire venue. It’s a close run thing with the Brig O’ Doon, but the Western just pips it due to the exemplary service and excellent wedding team.

Other suppliers.

Aside from venues, I’d like to give a mention to some other suppliers we’ve met and worked with through the years.

1. Edinburgh photographer Jonathon Fowler ( is our buddy, also a musician but primarily an absolute artisan at capturing your wedding. You need to book fast to get this guy, but you can thank us later for the recommendation!

2. If you want something special/different/whacky/weird to entertain your guests before the main band, give Fiona at the a shout. Fiona and Douglas offer a bespoke, personal service that includes, swing bands, solo pianist, magicians and mentalists (cool idea for dinner) and everything in-between.

3. For something silly, but great fun, why not think about a Photo-booth? We at Northern Star are so very attracted to these things! It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone entertained while the main room is being turned round for the evening reception


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