We love ’em. 2-3 times a year we look for a space in the diary to hold a fantastic evening for our new and potential customers. We also invite all our previous customers down to join in! We’ve played loads of organised things like this in stuffy, soulless, hotel function rooms and we decided a few years back NO MORE! We want to do things the NORTHERN STAR way, which is all about having FUN, a GREAT TIME, and really meeting our new friends. It’s taken a while to find the right venue, we were looking for a blend of great food, an excellent bar and an amazing atmosphere and we found it in Bond Number 9. (see link below). Now, we treat it as our night too, so it’s always informal, it’s always FREE, it’s always a laugh. It’s your chance to hear us, meet us, smell us (if you wish) and ask any questions… Hey, even throw out a request while we’re playing!

Random acts of LOONY DANCING is STRONGLY encouraged.


November 2017 GLASGOW

Random act of Loony Dancing breaks out

Random act of Loony Dancing breaks out

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