Wedding bands in Scotland playing in the rain.

A Wedding in the Rain

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The best Wedding Weather in Scotland!

(or, why you shouldn’t be too worried about the sun shining)

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My dear readers, there’s no way to put this gently but the weather in the first month of the summer wedding season has been, well, crap. Almost every Saturday and Sunday since April have either been overcast, drizzle, or pure chuckin’ it doon.  I’m all for getting that Caribbean feel in Scotland during the summer months, but lets be real about it! We’re on the same latitude at Moscow and other pretty Baltic places, so the fact we even get a peek of sunshine is a miracle.

Ok, so as a bride (or groom) you’re freaking out like mad about the weather before your wedding day. You’ve got your weather apps going like NASA central command and the MET office web site bookmarked and it’s not helping! You see that ominous cloud front moving in from the north, and it’s looking like it’s heading straight for Bonny Scotland… AND! you’ve still got 8 weeks till your big day! Well fear not! Because a little Scottish rain might be the ticket to a perfect day… See, when it’s (rarely) sunny and hot, your guests will become like a gaggle of overgrown 5 year olds, everyone wants to escape the stuffy confines of your hotel/venue and go outside to get a sunny shwally, YOU will literally bake in that big dress, your groom will be sweating even more than usual under that heavy wool kilt. So, this not only makes you and everyone else uncomfortable, but also makes your wedding run extremely late! See, the photographer (bless em) will want to do a full on National Geographic photo shoot in the venue grounds, the catering staff will spend all their time chasing guests back inside to munch a prawn cocktail, you’ll have to wait until (again) the same pesky guests are brought back inside for the speeches… Then we arrive (wedding band) and are told your wedding is running an hour late, so we hang around until a sweaty harassed events manager tells us we’ve got 30 min to set up because they need to make up time. (like it’s our fault!)… So then you get a harassed sweaty band!… Then once we’re set up, we’ve got to wait (again) until the guests (again) are rounded up by the now completely puggled venue staff… Then we start..

Then we start, do the first dance, and everyone bolts outside again to soak up the last of the summer evening rays. So you’ve paid us to play our first set to an empty ballroom.. However, after the buffet it’s chilly outside, everyones had a good skinful and the party goes ballistic. But by then, it’s 10pm and at 12am when we stop all your guests are moaning that we only played a couple of hours! We can’t win.

If it’s raining, your guests will be good guests and stay in their seats with seat belts buckled, you’ll be radiant and glowing, your groom won’t be a sweaty wooly mess, the band will start on time and play a huge massive awesome show, and the photographer will take some cool mean n’ moody arty shots in the rain! So, take heart, and don’t worry too much about the weather, rain, snow, wind or shine, you’ll have a great day!

Actually, hot weddings are amazing, but let’s stay positive!

Till next time.

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